5 Tips to Keep Your Home’s Foundation in Good Shape

home foundation maintenance

5 Tips to Keep Your Home’s Foundation in Good Shape   Keeping your home’s foundation in good shape is crucial to the overall integrity of your house. Foundation issues can lead to costly repairs and potentially dangerous situations. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent foundation problems from occurring or worsening. In this … Read more

What Is Crawlspace Encapsulation?

Crawlspace Encapsulation

What Is Crawlspace Encapsulation?   Crawlspace encapsulation is a technique used to protect and insulate a home’s crawlspace from moisture and pests. The crawlspace is the area beneath a home that is not tall enough for a person to stand up in but is used to provide access to plumbing, electrical, and other utilities. Crawlspace … Read more

Does Basement Waterproofing Increase Your Home’s Value?

Basement Waterproofing

Does Basement Waterproofing Increase Your Home’s Value?   Basements can be an incredibly valuable addition to any home. They provide extra living space, storage, and even a place to relax and unwind. However, they can also be a source of headaches and frustration, especially when it comes to moisture issues. Waterproofing your basement can help … Read more

Encapsulation or Waterproofing Paint? Which Should You Choose?

Basement Waterproofing

When you apply waterproofing paint, the pain adheres tightly to the wall’s surface, filling the outermost pores of the concrete.  This prevents water from coming through and traps it inside the wall. Unfortunately, we’ve never found a waterproof paint that works dependably. Because we insist on providing our customers with permanent solutions, we can’t rely … Read more

What Do We Actually Mean By Waterproofing a Basement?

Basement Waterproofing

Chattanooga, let’s start by clearing up a common misconception. To contractors, waterproofing is not the complete elimination of water. People generally think of it like waterproofing a pair of leather boots, applying a coating that sheds water. This is a good method for footwear, but your foundation is not as simple to treat as your … Read more